Self Watering Garden Pot

Creating a garden can be a beautiful and rewarding hobby. You can have gorgeous flowers, plants or vegetables or fruits. Regardless of what you plant, though, you do need a way to make sure you water the plants correctly.

You can do your best and gauge how much to water based on whether or not the soil is damp or you can use a self watering pot. These pots can make sure that your plants get exactly what they need.

This pot has a reservoir that can provide two weeks or more worth of water. You won’t have to worry about measuring anything. The planter is designed to protect the plant while at the same time meeting the moisture amount.

It does this through the hollow leg design, which works to keep the plant out of the water. This feature lets the soil of the plant have what it needs without overwatering the roots.

Glowpear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter
Glowpear Urban Garden Self-Watering Planter – an example of the type of product discussed here

There’s no more guesswork involved for you. Another feature with this pot is that it’s self-aerating. This means that it allows for better air circulation for the plant. Without aeration, you would have to use a garden tool to create holes for the air in the soil.

With this pot, however, the self-aerating works automatically thanks to the large slats on the bottom of the pot. If you set the container outside and it rains while you’re not home, these slats can work to prevent excess water from drowning the roots.

Whenever too much water goes into the pot, it drains out thanks to the slat design. Extra water will go right into the reservoir and instead of just pooling there, it’ll spill out over the sides.

Because these slats allow air circulation, it helps prevent issues that could damage the plant. Air circulation is the enemy of fungal and mold growth. What this feature on the pot does is to protect your plant from the roots rotting as well as from fungus developing on the roots or on the plant or soil.

You won’t have to strain to get water into the attachment. This clips on very easily for you to be able to add water. This allows you to put water into the reservoir instead of the pot.

The legs on the bottom of the pot are raised. This keeps it off whatever surface you place it on which can eliminate water circles on the surface it sits on. This pot can be used for indoor or outdoor container gardening.

The pot is made of UV plastic material and is also BPA free. Because the pot is resistant to ultraviolet light, it’ll hold up if you use it outside. The color won’t fade so it’ll look good year after year.

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